Teagard Rejuvenate
20 Tea Bags
CODE 270

Teagard Rejuvenate contains Rooibos Tea, Green Tea and Indian Ginseng (also known as Ashwagandha). Ashwagandha is a vital Indian herb that has been used since ancient times, to rebuild the body’s energy reserves and balance hormone, nervous and immune functions. Teagard Rejuvenate’s special blend offers rejuvenation to the body and mind.





Teagard Renew
20 Tea Bags
CODE 271

Teagard Renew is combination of Rooibos Tea and Sutherlandia (also known as Cancer Bush). Sutherlandia has been used by various African cultures to assist the body in coping with a range of physical and mental stresses. Teagard Renew’s combination will help strengthen, invigorate and renew the body.





Teagard Reshape
20 Tea Bags
CODE 274

Teagard Reshape combines Rooibos with Green and Puerh tea which are all ingredients talked about for their slimming effects. Added to this are Bilberry, Garcinia, Peppermint and Dandelion which boost the product’s effectiveness when used as part of a weight management program.