A & R Complex

60 tablets
CODE 05004

Supplement with glucosamine & MSM for musculoskeletal support.





African Potato

60 capsules
CODE 05001

Herbal capsules with hypoxis extract & phytosterols formulated to support a healthy cardiovascular system and provide overall wellbeing.





Aloe Power
1 litre
CODE 05003

The combination of Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Ginseng, Sutherlandia and Chinese green tea promotes a healthy immune system, alertness and relieves short term fatigue. 





Buchu Power Detox Drink
1 litre
CODE 05005

BUCHU POWER helps the body detoxify, support urinary system and aids digestion.





Cal-C Mag

60 tablets
CODE 05006

Supplement containing glycine, vitamins & minerals formulated to support  muscles and bones.





60 capsules
CODE 05009

A combination of antioxidants with garlic & grape seed to help boost the body’s immune system especially during the colds and flu season.






30 tablets
CODE 05012

Antoxidants with vitamins and minerals for good eye health. 





Immune Booster
30 capsules
CODE 05017

IMMUNE BOOSTER an antioxidant supplement containing Echinacea supporting the body’s immune system.






60 capsules
CODE 05019

Supplement to promote mental health.






40 Plus for Men
30 tablets
CODE 05021

A herbal combination formulated to promote prostate health and wellness specific to older men.






40 Plus for Women
30 tablets
CODE 05022

A herbal combination formulated for the more mature women to help ease the challenges of hormonal and emotional changes






Royal Jelly
30 capsules
CODE 05024

Provides nutritional support for cardiovascular health. 





Stress Active
60 capsules
CODE 05026

Vitamin & mineral supplement with ginseng and soy protein for mental fitness. STRESS ACTIVE contributes to the maintenance of normal psychological function.





Skin, Hair & Nails

60 tablets
CODE 05025

A multinutrient formula to help promote healthy skin, lustrous hair and strong nails.





Super Cider
60 capsules
CODE 05027

Supplement with apple cider vinegar & propolis which aids in balancing sugar levels contributing to the maintenance of good general wellbeing.





Teagard Rejuvenate
20 Tea Bags
CODE 270

Teagard Rejuvenate contains Rooibos Tea, Green Tea and Indian Ginseng (also known as Ashwagandha). Ashwagandha is a vital Indian herb that has been used since ancient times, to rebuild the body’s energy reserves and balance hormone, nervous and immune functions. Teagard Rejuvenate’s special blend offers rejuvenation to the body and mind.