It is known as a “miracle herb” with a vast range of health benefit. 

Some health benefits associated with Buchu:

Buchu has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic,antibacterial, antifungal properties, and is a natural diuretic.

  • Assists in the management of blood sugar levels and blood pressure 
  • Supports health of organs that encourage the body to detoxify 
  • As a natural diuretic helps with management of urinary tract Infections (UTI’s) 
  • Assists in the management of inflammation related conditions such as arthritis and Joint pain
  • Assists in the treatment and management of certain skin conditions relating to bacteria or fungi 

Did you know? 

Buchu is a South African original plant. The leaf of the Buch plant is used to make medicine.

Which of our product/s contains Buchu

Buchu Power 


It is important to consult with your healthcare provider before taking any health supplement. 

It is important for pregnant women and people taking any medication to request direction before taking supplements containing Buchu. 

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