Quercetin is a pigment (colour) that belongs to a group of plant compounds called flavonoid. 

Some health benefits associated with Quercetin:

  • May help reduce and or prevent symptoms associated with allergies such as hay fever 
  • May help reduce inflammation – little inflammation is necessary to help the body heal and fight infections, constant inflammation is linked to health problems, including chronic diseases
  • May help improve exercise performance 
  • Assist in the control blood sugar levels 
  • Helps in management of blood pressure 

The use of quercetin in health is growing, however more and more human studies are needed to prove more of its health benefits. 

Did you know? 

Quercetin is found naturally in many plant-based foods, particularly in the outer layer or peel(skin). Good food sources of quercetin include foods such as tomatoes, yellow and green peppers, shallots, onions, berries, green tea, red apples, and grapes. 

Which of our product/s contains Quercetin

In health supplements quercetin generally appears to be safe with very minimal side effects, if any. 

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