This first blog of 2020, the New Year, still feels a little surreal. Compliments of the new season, and I hope you had a restful time during these holidays. I thought I should begin things a little lighter with not much science, just simple language. Everyone has their own morning routine and I personally think getting into a routine has helped me sustain certain habits that are important to me and my health. I have a morning routine too and I would like to share it with you. Please note that this is not an advert nor a consultation but just information to help you somehow plan your own morning routine suitable to you.

My Morning Routine:

05:00am: I wake up at this time and head to my living room to pray. I love myself and if I do not wake up and step out of my bedroom, I always feel like the prayer is too short and not intentional.

This is the most important part of my morning routine as it is my chance to talk to my Creator.

05:20 am: I make myself a cup of tea – there is something to me about a freshly brewed cup of tea that touches my throat first thing in the morning. While waiting for my tea to brew I often down a big glass of water (I like it cold), sometimes I flavour water with juice concentrate to give it a punchy, delicious flavour.

05:30am: I enjoy my tea while catching up on news or emails – this time is what most people call “me time”, the house is quiet at this time and I get to really soak it in before the morning rush resumes. I enjoy green tea or Sportron rejuvenate tea

06:00am: I go for a run. I love running and morning runs are the best for me. When I come back from running I do about 10 minutes home workout. All of this takes me an hour and I am ready to smash the day. Some days if I am running late, I opt for about 10 minutes home workout or stretching and only walk or run in the afternoon.

07:00am: I take my probiotic & head to the bathroom to start getting ready for the day ahead. A probiotic has to be a quick act, because by this time chaos is picking up in the streets, so I literally spray my probiotic as I am dashing to the shower. So, the new floraplex spray does the trick for me.

07:30am: By this time I am ready, and I make breakfast. I love warm porridges such as maize-meal porridge, oats & sorghum porridge. This gets cooking if I have at least half an hour to spare, otherwise I prepare a 2 minutes smoothie with fruit, milk, nut butter and I add 2 scoops of a health shake  (I love Sportron Vanilla Shake) – even my housekeeper knows about this recipe now because sometimes she assists me with it on days that I am running super late.

08:00am: I dash out of the house, I always prep a water bottle for the road. My city Johannesburg traffic will humble you. Hence, I make sure that my water bottle is nice & cold for the journey ahead.

What is your morning routine? Share with us on social media in the comments below.

Yours in health



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