Alcoholic beverages are consumed throughout the world and form an important part of the pleasure of food and drink whenever people get together socially.  Interestingly it takes approximately 1 hour for the body to eliminate one unit of alcohol, and remember that alcohol is energy dense and nutrient poor, therefore must be consumed in moderation if consumed at all. The holidays are a time to eat, drink and be merry.  When it comes to drinking, also keep in mind that calorie per gram, alcohol contains about double the calories per gram compared to carbohydrates and protein.  Alcohol can also act as an appetite stimulant and can have negative impacts on our health.  This holiday season, enjoy the food, enjoy the company and enjoy your festive holiday drinks (in moderation).

Here are simple tips on how to:

  1. Use a tall, skinny glass for eggnog, cocktails and beer. This visual illusion of having tall glasses makes you feel like you are drinking more than you actually are.

  2. Measure the volume of fluids your glasses hold so that you are aware of how many servings there are in each beverage. Know how much a double or a single is and what it looks like so that you know more or less the amount you consume.

  3. Drink water in between your drinks. This helps to slow down alcohol consumption and promotes hydration.

  4. Pour beverages into glasses as opposed to drinking from tall cans to drink one serving size at a time.

  5. Dilute alcoholic beverages with soda, bitters, ice or water – avoid drinks containing sugar.

  6. Avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach. Eat first.

  7. Ease up on those nuts or snacks offered – they might dehydrate you more, resulting in higher alcohol intake.

  8. Choose drinks which have a lower alcohol percentage and/or lower calorie drinks.

  9. Drink slowly to reduce the number of drinks you consume per occasion.

  10. Do not drink and drive.

Yours in health



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