Winter is here and just like every season, the cold days also demand special care. There is a need to alter your diet according to the needs of the season, as different nutrients are required to cope with the excesses of weather. During winters, people take special care of their diets and try to include as many warm and nutritious foods in their meals as possible, to improve their immunity and make it strong internally. On the last blog – we focused on super foods that are are packed with essential vitamins to boost immunity. There are certain vitamins that you must include in your diet, in order to prepare your body for the cold weather. Winter vitamins are essential for boosting immunity and prevent your skin and hair from dryness and dullness. Winter also comes with mood swings and the vitamins in your diet should be capable of boosting mood as well.

Here are some essential vitamins that you must consume during winters, and the foods that are rich in them:

1. Vitamin C

This one’s nature’s immunity booster and is present in a number of seasonal vegetables and fruits, including carrots and citrus fruits. Vitamin C helps reduce the duration of common colds and flu in winter. It is present in a number of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice may help you boost vitamin C levels in the body and also add on to your water requirements for the day. 

2. Vitamin A

This essential vitamin acts as an antioxidant and supports the health of bones, teeth and soft tissues. It also supports the health of the immune system by maintaining the body’s natural defences. Foods like spinach, deep orange vegetables such as carrots and deep orange sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A.

3. Vitamin E

This vitamin is essential for keeping your skin and hair moisturized, during winters. The cold weather can bring dullness and dryness to your scalp, which can be countered by consuming vitamin E supplements and eating foods like peanuts, broccoli, sunflower seeds and cashew nuts.

4. Vitamin D

As days get shorter and nights get longer during the winter season, the levels of vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin may be depleted in the body.  Vitammin D is responsible for the hormone called serotonin which is crucial for controlling our moods and food cravings, to help reduce overeating and maintain your weight during winter – paying attention to vitamin D may help. Try to get some sun during the day to get vitamin D, you can also consume foods that are high in Vitamin D such as eggs – egg yolks, some dairy products, soy milk and fatty fish like tuna, mackerel and salmon.

Getting these vitamins from food is always best, hence it is important to enjoy a variety of foods.  However, if diet is lacking in these nutrients one can turn to dietary supplements to help support your current diet.  Next blog, we will discuss minerals that play an essential role in boosting immunity. 

Always consult with your health care profesional befor taking any dietary supplements. 

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