Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera Luxury Soap


CODE 34102

A moisturising, pH balanced soap that is suitable for the whole family. With Aloe and Mint to keep the skin healthy while leaving it feeling clean and fresh. Suitable for use from babies to adults and for sensitive skin.





Aloe Vera Moisturising Cream


CODE 34101

A rich thick cream with added Shea Butter and Mint to nourish even the driest skin. With Bio-nutri complex that provides 48 hour moisture and hydration. The formula is non-greasy and easily absorbed leaving your skin soft to touch and feeling beautiful!



Aloe Vera Body Ultra Hydrating Body Cream


CODE 34100

Aloe Vera Body Ultra Hydrating Body Cream restores and firms the skin. The Bio-Nutri complex has caring ingredients which leave even the driest skin noticeably smoother and more moisturised. The rich formula contains Aloe Vera and Mint.






Royal Jelly



Gold Petroleum Jelly


CODE 34201

A multi-purpose anti-ageing moisturising formula to soothe dry areas such as cracked heels, cracked nails and cuticles, chapped noses and dry lips. Use as a barrier cream to prevent nappy rash.


Liquid Gold


CODE 34202

A moisturising anti-ageing formula. Royal Jelly, Turmeric, Gold Glycerine and Bio-Nutri complex for 48 hours hydration. Liquid Gold has an ultra-nourishing long-lasting formula to ensure plump, hydrated, healthy skin. This non-greasy anti-ageing moisturiser embraces nature’s goodness to promote healthy, glowing skin.


Royal Jelly Glycerine Soap


CODE 34203


A moisturising, pH balanced soap good for the whole family. Formulated with Royal Jelly and Gold Glycerine to keep skin feeling soft and smooth after every use.



Royal Jelly Ultra Hydrating Body Cream


CODE 34200

Pamper your skin with Bodygarde Royal Jelly Ultra Hydrating Body Cream with Turmeric. An advanced formulation that keeps skin soft, smooth and supple. The combination of Royal Jelly, Active Moisturisers, Turmeric and Bio-Nutri complex provides 48 hour hydration and moisturisation.






Aloe Vera Bio-Gel


CODE 34001

Aloe Vera Gel is nature’s first aid for dry and damaged skin. Fortified with Arnica, Calendula and Chamomile to assist in nourishing and protecting the skin



Bio-Herbal Camphor


CODE 34004

Nourish your dry, chapped skin with the soothing & moisturising Bodygarde Camphor cream. Enriched with Olive oil to nourish dry skin, elbows, knees, cracked heels, chapped hands and other dry skin problem areas. With Bio-nutri complex for 48 hours hydration.



Bio-Mouth Wash


CODE 34008

Bio-Mouth Wash is a naturally tasty antiseptic to help prevent plaque formation and help relieve minor gum and mouth irritations. Ideal as a breath Freshener.




Bio-Skin Protector


CODE 34006

Bio-Skin Protector acts as a invisible glove that protects the skin against irritants, such as:


• Detergents, soaps, oil & grease

• Pool chemicals, oven cleaners

• Oil, glue, cement, ink, paints and solvents


Up to 4 hours protection.





Bio-Whitening Toothpaste


CODE 34009

Bio-Whitening Toothpast is a multi-tasking toothpaste that promotes fresh breath, teeth whitening, gum health and healthy teeth.




Bio-Vapour Rub


CODE 34003

A blend of natural ingredients that help to relieve head colds, sinusitis and nasal congestion.






CODE 34002

Dermax is nature’s “First Aid in a tube” for injured skin. It is a concentrated healing formula of Aloe Vera and Tea Tree oil. A non-greasy, all purpose cream to help with injured skin such as sunburn, cuts, abrasions, minor skin infections, burns, stings, bites, cold sores, eczema and more.

Tea Tree Glycerine Soap


CODE 34007

A moisturising, pH balanced soap with Glycerine, Tea Tree and Eucaluptus Extract for healthy glowing skin. Ideal for problem and sensitive skin types.