• Highlight: Glucosamine is a chemical compound that occurs naturally in both human and animal tissues. In humans, it helps form cartilage and is commonly used as a dietary supplement to treat joint disorders like osteoarthritis. Health benefits associated with glucosamine May reduce inflammation Supports joint health May be beneficial in
  • Highlight: Cinnamon is a popular spice. It’s high in cinnamaldehyde, which is an element that is thought to be responsible for most of cinnamon’s health benefits. Health benefits associated with cinnamon: Improve key risk factors associated with heart & heart related diseases e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Part of what I do as a consultant dietitian and product specialist at Ascendis Direct is to attend to comprehensive or special customer queries that would have been filtered by the customer service team for me. I enjoy this task as it somehow affords me an opportunity to engage customers
  • For many South Africans, February brings Valentine’s Day and it is termed by many as the month of love. However in health, February is known as Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month, which is basically a time of raising awareness around living a healthy lifestyle. Matters of the heart are important figuratively
  • It is somehow funny that matters of the “heart” have a link nutritionally to the matters of the actual heart, the organ. In other words nutrition, which is good for the heart, is said to be good for a person’s sex life. The American Heart Association recommends a diet that

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