• Portugal – 868 years old.
  • One of the oldest nations in Europe.
  • Abolished slavery in 1751, 100 years before USA
  • First country to abolish death sentence
  • Portuguese is spoken in 5 continents
  • 5th most spoken language in the world – 273 Million people in the world speak Portuguese
  • Renowned for its magnificent panoramic views, beautiful beaches, delicious food and wine, but most importantly, its friendly people
  • Most advanced Science Research Centre in the field of health
  • 53% of Europe’s maritime trade passes through Portugal
  • Has the world’s oldest book shop
  • Introduced chilli to India – without chilli there would be no curry !
  • Taught the English how to drink tea
  • Doorway into Europe
  • One of the most global and peaceful nations in the world
  • Voted 30th out of 182 countries to do business with
  • Among the top 10 best countries in the world to retire – safe, affordable, stable and friendly country
  • Best golf and beach destination in Europe
  • Producers of Rosé wine (Mateus), Port Wine and Olive Oil
  • Nobel Prize winner for Literature – Jose Saramago
  • Nobel Prize winner for Physiology and Medicine – Egas Moniz
  • Pritzer Architecture Prize winners X 2
  • Founder of Emotional Brain Theory – Antonio Damasio
  • Winner of 2011 World Summit award for Science and Technology – Antonio Barreto


Portuguese inventions:

  • Mobile phone pre-paid card – there are more mobile phones in Portugal than Portuguese citizens
  • Green lane motorway toll system
  • Maritime compass
  • ATM system
  • Rosé wine (Mateus)
  • Contact centre software
  • Storage of info on paper fibre


World Leaders in:

  • Wind farms
  • Renewable energy usage
  • Providing solutions for NASA
  • Clothing and footware



  • Football lovers
  • Most famous Portuguese coach – Jose Mourinho
  • Best football players – Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo and Eusebio
  • Portugal won the European Cup in 2016, after beating France in Paris

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