Airborne pollution, poor dietary practices and smoking all play an active role in creating respiratory system disturbances.

Asthma, hay-fever, nasal congestion and sneezing are symptoms of the most common form of allergies in South Africa, with as many as 1 in 10 people affected. These occur because there is an exaggerated response by a person’s immune system to a substance – allergen – that is not normally harmful e.g. pollen, dust, animal hair etc.

Respitron tablets contains a number of micronutrients to maximise the body’s respiratory defense mechanisms to allergens.

  • Garlic and Quercetin increase the immunity especially against respiratory disturbances of bacterial or viral origin.
  • Codonopsis strengthens immunity.
  • Perilla aids with nasal congestion and fever.
  • The herbs in the blend have been combined because of their beneficial effects on nasal congestion, sinusitis, headaches and coughs.

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