Eczema is a common skin disease characterized by reddening and vesicle formation on the skin which is usually itchy and can lead to weeping, crusting, oedema, and scaling. The terms eczema and dermatitis are often used synonymously as experts tend to disagree on how to distinguish between the two.

There are 5 main types of eczema:

  • Atopic eczema which is usually associated with asthma and hay fever.
  • Seborrhoeic eczema/dermatitis which involves the scalp, eyelids, nose and lips.
  • Discoid eczema is characterized by coin shaped lesions and only occurs in adults.
  • Pompholyx eczema of the hands and feet.
  • Gravitational eczema which is associated with poor venous circulation (also called varicose eczema).

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